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 Dr. Pharo's Vision is to empower each
person's individual path to healing through her Integrative Health Programs, "AwakenHealth/HealthQuests".

 Dr. Pharo believes part of the empowerment for healing is nourished through
patient education and knowledgeable participation.

The various "Health Links" provided below will be updated constantly towards the goal
of Inspiring Healing, Health Education and Your Awakened Health!

Please enjoy your "Quest towards Awakened Health" in body, mind, heart and spirit.


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"The Healing Art Studio & Gallery"

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 Links from the website of the
 American Osteopathic Association  

>What is a D.O.? (Doctor of Osteopathy)  

>What is the difference between a M.D.and a D.O.?  

>What is OMT ? (Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment)

>What is the history of Osteopathic Medicine?

LINKS TO PRODUCTS that AwakenHealth:

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"Developed by Linda Chaé, an expert and innovator in skin, body and hair care. She has 30 years experience investigating how the skin works and its need for proper nutrition. Linda knows that the majority of personal care products today contain harsh ingredients that can be harmful to your body's health. With Organic Essentials she promises safe products that are completely free of harmful, toxic ingredients found in most products on the market. By eliminating the use of synthetics, detergents, solvents, color pigments, plastics and more. Linda has created products that ensure ultimate organic skin care for your entire body.  She has worked with medical doctors, plastic surgeons, Harvard and MIT researchers, and has traveled the world to research medicinal botanicals. Her lifelong dedication led her to discover that youthful, radiant and healthy skin can be achieved by using products made from the finest organic ingredients."

> Findout More about Linda Chaé, her vision for health and Organic Essentials and
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HAMC also carries some of the Organic Essentials Products in our office as well as a vaiety of nutritional Suppliments and Various Products to "AWAKEN YOUR HEALTH"! If you have any questions, or would prefer to order any "AwakenHealth Products" through The Healing Arts Medical Center (HAMC), please call us directly at 713-802-1177
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